Ashes To Art Project

When a loved one passes, we often are at a loss for how to celebrate them beyond a memoral, a burial, their ashes in an urn, or their ashes released into nature.

The Ashes To Art Project is taking some of your loved one's ashes and incorporating them into a piece of art to memorialize their memory. Some people choose portaits of the deceased, others choose landscapes of their favorite location. Some prefer a sculpture where their ashes have been incorporated into the clay. And others choose a small piece of glass work which contains the ashes. Whatever you choose, I will work with you one on one to ensure we are honouring your loved one in a respectful and dignified manner.

At all times the ashes are handled with care and gloves are used throughout the process.

Paintings: $750.00 (plus tax and delivery) for a 16" x 20" in oil or oil over acrylic.
Clay Earthenware Sculptures: $850 (plus tax and delivery) for a 4" round by 8" high
Glassware: I outsourse the glass blowing so please contact for a quotation.

Yes, I offer this service for your favourite pets as well.

The process:
1. You select which medium you would like
2. You make your payment
3. You send 2 to 3 ounces of your loved ones ashes via courier
4. I provide a sketch of the work which you approve
5. I do the work incorporating the ashes (providing pictures etc..)
6. The finished work is shipped to you

For an extra fee we can arrange for you to watch the process (here and there) via Skype.

Your loved one remembered

For all work I provide:
- an initial sketch that you approve
- progess pictures while the work is being completed
- pictures to prove use of ashes in medium
- certificate of authenticity

Terms are payment up front.

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